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Yoga and Dance

Yoga and Dance

1 - 5 Mondays 15:15 - 16:15

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Where: Drama Room 060
When: Mondays 15:15 - 16:15
Who: 1 - 5
Instructor: Samantha Claire
Max no. of students: 14

Yoga and Dance   “Leaving kids feeling moved and inspired “
These Afternoon Sessions will be a fun and joyful way for children to connect to their breath and bodies through Yoga, breathing techniques and Movement. These classes will aim to inspire children to find their inner still point as well as finding meditation through movement. 
I love working with young people and have been running workshops for children for 15 years using mindfulness and Yoga as a way for children to connect with there bodies which intern creates Harmony and self awareness.
Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, I have a background in the performing arts and dance. I’ve been living in London the past 16 years where I’ve worked in Physical and Ritual Theatre in the West End. Over the past 15 years my journey has led me to study and practices of Kundalini yoga, dance, psychology, astrology, mythology, shamanism, as well as various spiritual and ancient esoteric teachings.

Fees and Billing

When the trial period is over we will process the order made here on the online shop, which in that case will mean that the activities your children will participate in will be invoiced.

The fees are PER SEASON rates (the prices are different from season to season and are not a per-class rate).

Please be aware that some classes may be cancelled if we do note have enough participants. You will be informed by email if an activity is cancelled. Please remember to provide your child with an after school snack.