Program Policies

After School Activities - Policies and Rules

Please read this entire document before registering, as you will be asked to agree to our policies outlined below when you register.

Our program is designed to enrich the after school lives of students at CIS in grades *1-8 (and some for grades 9-12). The program is always growing and changing and we hope to provide even more varied activities each year as well as institute changes in the way we register and bill for the ASA program.

Activities take place at the Nordhavn Campus, and sometimes other locations off campus in our local community. The ASA program has three seasons during the school year and each season runs between 8 and 12 weeks (depending on school events and school closings). For Primary School, student activities start at 15:15 or 15:30. For Middle School, activity start times will vary. Please pay close attention to the start times in the course descriptions in the CIS Activities Shop page. ASA is not offered on days when there is no school, or days when there is early release.

Please bring your child to to their activities until they feel comfortable doing it themselves. Primary School students must wait in the Cafeteria after school until their activities start, where there will be staff supervision. We cannot escort students to their activities or to the Cafeteria. After the activity is finished you must pick up your child in the Cafeteria. There is no supervision in the cafeteria AFTER activities end for the day. 


Each season you have one week to register online before the activity season begins. When you go to the ASA Page, you will find a link to register which will take you to our CIS Online shop, Shopify.

      • To sign up for an activity, click on the icon and enter your email address and name. PARENT email and PARENT name.
      • When you click Enrol, a link will be sent to the email address you provided. Click the link to continue enrolling.
      • The next stage is entering your child's name and grade level.
      • You will then receive an email indicating whether your child has been admitted to start the Trial Week, or added to the Waitlist.
      • After the online registration period ends, you will no longer be able to shop for activities. For last minute changes or registration, please email the ASA Coordinator. 

Some activities do fill up; in these cases, participants are picked at random and the rest are placed on a waiting list. After the registration week is over, confirmation of registration will be emailed to the email address you provided at the time of registration OR a notification is emailed stating that your child didn't make it into their chosen activity and they are placed on a waiting list. If your child makes it into the activity from the waiting list, the ASA coordinator will inform you via email. If your child is placed on the waiting list, you are welcome to email the ASA coordinator to inquire about other activities. In fact you are encouraged to register for more than one activity per day so as to better guarantee placement in an activity. If you are concerned about your child not getting into a certain activity, please feel free to register for multiple activities and then simply email the Coordinator to cancel activities once you have received your confirmation emails.


There is a fee for After School Activities. This fee is a set price for each SEASON, depending on activity (not per session). Fee to be determined before each season begins. The fees you pay are separate from any fees you pay CIS for tuition, NECIS or any other Sports Club fees. The fees go towards our instructors salaries, materials and equipment, and for the general operations of the program. You are not charged for days when there are no activities due to school closing (parent conferences, early releases, etc). You will be notified in the weekly emailed announcements about these days. 

Trial Period:

Students have one week to decide if they want to stay in the activity. You will be invoiced after the trial period ends if you haven't notified the ASA Coordinator of any cancellations. In order to avoid being automatically charged, you must inform the ASA Coordinator ( within the first week of a season if your student wishes to drop an activity. It is the PARENT'S responsibility to cancel activities to avoid billing. The vacant spot will then immediately be given to a student on the waiting list. There is not a one week trial period if a student joins from the waiting list. You will be charged the full activity fee regardless of when your child joins the activity. The ASA fee will be charged after the one week trial period ends.

Cancelled activities due to instructor illness, etc.:

Every effort will be made to find a substitute teacher so the activity will go ahead as scheduled. In the event of a last-minute cancellation, we will inform the PYP and MYP office coordinators (Maryann Aebischer and Suzanne O’Reilly). We will also email the parents. If a class needs to be cancelled at the last minute (after 8:30am on the day of that activity), the ASA Coordinator will contact parents immediately to arrange for pick-up. If pick-up is impossible, students can join The Club (after school childcare) for free. The Club is located in the Primary School Drama room which is located on Level 2, across from the primary school Principal and Vice Principal. The contact person for After School Club is Dominika Wozniak. There will be no adjustment to fees if a class is cancelled. Instead we will schedule a make-up class usually the week after a season ends. Cancellations DO NOT include an already scheduled school closing or early release days.


Students are expected to follow the same rules and guidelines during ASA as they are during school hours. We ask the students to Be Safe, Be Respectful, and to Be Responsible. ASA teachers are asked to inform the ASA Coordinator (Brendan Dean) if the behaviour of a student is disruptive to an activity. It is the responsibility of both the instructor or ASA coordinator to inform the parents if an incident of concern takes place. After two incidents and after the parent has been notified, the student may be asked to leave the activity. No refund is provided in these situations.

Procedure for students getting to the activity/pick up:

Students are responsible for getting themselves to their activities (unless the activity is off campus, then the parents are responsible for transport to the activities). Students are asked to go to the CAFETERIA after school to wait for their activities. There will be a CIS staff person supervising and helping students remember when activities start and if needed, help them to find their activity. If a student leaves early, or decides not to attend the activity, they will be signed into The Club (after school child care) and charged a fee of 140kr. The Club leader will always encourage the student to go back to their scheduled activity first. It is the responsibility of the parent to inform the classroom teacher of their ASA schedule.

What students should bring to the cafeteria after school and before activities start:

  • After school snack from home
  • PE Shoes if they have an activity in the GYM (Sports Club)
What NOT to bring:
  • Outdoor shoes and clothes and their school bags, (except for Parkour. Proper outdoor shoes/coats will be required during the winter months) should be left in the wet area where they drop their things off in the morning. So please tell your child NOT to change or bring their bags. All outside clothes and bags should be collected after they are picked up by their parent/adult.
Please plan with your child to pick them up from the CAFETERIA after their activity is over. Please note that there is no supervision provided once the activity is over so you must be on time.


IMPORTANT! In the case of illness:

If you child is absent due to illness on a school day when he/she has an after school activity, they are NOT permitted to come to the after school activity on that day. If they do come, the instructor will need to inform the ASA Coordinator who will then call the parent to take the child home.

**Please remember that although every effort is made by the ASA staff to supervise all students on campus, CIS is not responsible for your child if she/he does not attend his or her scheduled activity.

Please pick up your child on time. Thank you :) 

ASA Coordinator, Brendan Dean