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Coding with Arduino & Photon Robot

Coding with Arduino & Photon Robot

3 - 5 Thursdays 15:15 - 16:45

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Where: Primary Computer Lab P514
When: Thursdays 15:15 - 16:45
Who: 3 - 5
Instructor: Sukhraj Randhawa
Max no. of students: 10


How to make spaceship interface?

Would you like to design the control panel for your space ship?

During my workshop you will learn basic about electronics:

Make simple circuits, learn basics of electricity and electronics, and develop logical thinking, then build it, hack it and share it!

We will use projects from the Arduino Starter Kit book & Photon Robot. You'll learn through building creative projects. The kit includes a selection of the most common and useful electronic components with a book.

Photon is not a toy in the classic sense. Despite its small size, it has 10 sensors that allow Photon to interact with its surroundings. For example, Photon can react to, for example, touch, light, obstacles or sound. Photon can be programmed in thousands of ways! The only thing that limits fun with Photon is the creativity and imagination of the child.

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